Meet the Committee

2015-2016 Committee

President -Rai Gill

bibo ergo sum ? a quotation that defines Rai on many levels – as a second year Classicist, an oenophile, and a Social Secretary. If you?re new to the society, or are simply keen on discussing any upcoming events and, more likely, the drinks that will be available, don?t hesitate to approach him.

In addition to reading Plato and Virgil, Rai is an avid musician, playing the piano, saxophone, and organ, so if you wish to listen to a rendition of Jerusalem, you know whom to ask!






Vice President -Ilham Mamedov

Ilham is the final year student, reading Philosophy and Economics (PE). Apart from being liberal, one-nation conservative, he enjoys shooting and is a Chelsea fan.

He has been society member from the first year and now as a vice president he will do his best to promote conservatism around the campus?and helping people to make the “right” choice.







Secretary – Thomas Barton


Thomas is a second year History student and has managed to politicise his degree by also taking politics modules. He has been a Conservative party member for two years and is regularly attempting, albeit not always successfully, to recruit the politically lost and confused. When not toeing the party line, Thomas is a keen traveller, enjoys a good tennis match and appreciates a variety of alcoholic beverages. As secretary (feel free to refer to the post as Secretary General), Thomas will be providing some degree of organisation to the society and to the dismay of members, will not be doing the coffee rounds!






Social Secretary – Chloe Vaughan

Chloe is the social secretary of the society, she studies Classics and is going into her third year. She loves going for drinks with the society, having a good laugh, and chatting about anything that isn’t related to terrifying essay deadlines









Postgraduate and Alumni Officer – Daniel Mc Paul


Dan is a part-time working, part-time studying Countering Organised Crime and Terrorism MSc student.?He has a?History and Politics background at the University of Kent and is obsessed with Irish History and politics within deeply divided societies.

My job?as Postgrad and Alumni Officer will be to ensure?the society is open to all and not just the under 20s. What’s conservatism without a bit of elderly wisdom?




Caerulean Officer -?George Mitkov

George is experiencing his very own #Gexit this year, spending the first half of the year in Lyon and the second half in Berlin. When he’s not philosophising with a glass of red in his hand along the Rh?ne or getting turned away from Berghain, he’ll be running the Society’s publication, the Caerulean, and?blogging about the burning political questions of the day – and doing a lot of moaning about the real Brexit.








Past Committees


President: Helen Chandler-Wilde
Treasurer: Roland Mortimer
Vice-President: James Glenister
Secretary: George Mitkov
Social Action: Jamie Irwin
Social Secretary: Rai Gill
Website & Publicity Officer: Ilham Mamedov
Campaigns Officer: Paddy Mark
Caerulean Editor: Matthew Schlachter
Postgrad & Alumni Officer: Jonathan Lui
Fresher’s Representative: Stewart Lister Vickers


President: Nick Reed
Treasurer: Alex Edwards
Vice-President: James Price
Secretary: Sam Dyas
Social Action: Hannah Galley
Social Secretary: Julia Freytag
Website & Publicity Officer: Cameron Jones
Campaigns Officer: Dan Bennet
Caerulean Editor: Lewis Barber
Postgrad & Alumni Officer: Chris Everett
Fresher’s Representative: Paddy Mark



Freshers’ Rep: Paddy Mark

Chief Falconer: Matthew Gibbard


President: Louisa Townson
Treasurer: Ilia Barboutev
Vice-President: Helen Chandler-Wilde
Secretary; Cameron Jones
Social Action: Hannah Galley
Social Secretary: Alex Edwards
Website & Publicity Officer: Sam Rolson
Campaigns Officer: Elliot Miller
Caerulean Editor: Sam Dyas
Postgrad & Alumni Officer: Kevin O’Neill
Fresher’s Representative: Nils Larsson



President: Matthew Corner
Treasurer: Matthew Gibbard
Vice-President: Ellie Setford
Secretary: Harry Ives
Social Action Officer: Harriet Gilchrist
Social Secretary: Jeni Taylor
Website & Publicity Officer: William Hall
Campaigns Officer: Jack Aldridge
Caerulean Editor: George Pender
Postgrad & Alumni Officer: Louisa Townson
Fresher’s Representative: Ned Donovan



President: Samuel Firth
Treasurer: Matthew Gibbard
Vice-President: Marta Krokosz
Secretary: Matthew Corner
Social Action Officer: Tori Miller
Social Secretary: Ellie Setford
Website & Publicity Officer: Jeni Taylor
Campaigns Officer: Greg Monk
Caerulean Editor: George Pender
Postgrad & Alumni Officer: Louisa Townson
Fresher’s Representative: Harry Ives


President: William Hall
Treasurer: Hugo Allen
Vice-President: Emily Cheah
Secretary: Marta Krokosz
Social Action Officer: Jon Woodcraft
Social Secretary: Tori Miller
Website & Publicity Officer: Jeni Taylor
Campaigns Officer: Akshat Khandelwal
Caerulean Editor: Samuel Firth
Fresher’s Representative: Matthew Corner


President: Kieran Weisberg
Treasurer: Iain Martin
Vice-President: Emma Double
Secretary: Asa Bennett
Social Secretary: Emily Cheah
Website & Publicity Officer: Laura Rose-Saunders
Caerulean Editor: William Hall
Fresher’s Representative: Jon Canty


President: Eamon Hurley-Flynn
Treasurer: Kieran Weisberg
Vice-President: Serene John-Richards
Secretary: Stuart Barfield
Social Secretary: Adam Sawyer
Website & Publicity Officer: Ed Johnson
Communications Officer: Oliver Cooper
Campaigns Officer: Iain Martin
Caerulean Editor: Michael Peet
Fresher’s Representative: Maddy Miller


President: Starbuck Coleman
Treasurer: Iain Martin
Vice-President: llya Zheludev
Vice-President: Kieran Weisberg
Communications Officer: Richard Jackson
Secretary: Stuart Barfield
Social Secretary: Thomas Vie
Website & Publicity Officer: Adam Sawyer
Caerulean Editor: Eamon Hurley-Flynn
Fresher’s Representative: Laura-Rose Saunders

Are you a former Committee member of the Society but not listed here? If you can help us update our records, please do contact the President or IT & Publicity Officer.