5… Most Important Blog Posts Week Ending:16/11/2008


1. Dizzy confirms ownership of www.toryparty.net – Dizzy has the biggest scoop of the week in outing the authors of this anti-conservative gossip-mongering blog. Someone close to Derek Draper it turns out! The offending website has now been shut down.


2. Guido Fawkes publishes figures about Brown’s record on penisons – According to Guido, Brown’s reign now officially has the worst record of any Prime Minister on pension funds. (Mostly due to the current state of the stock market and Gordon’s relatively short tenure, though that’s neither here nor there!)


3. Dizzy berates over-zealous CF type – Dizzy has a go at one individual in particular, though it would appear he is unimpressed with the types involved with CF in general. (Ed. Dizzy has been in touch and actually doesn’t appear to be quite so anti-CF after all. Just the CF careerists…)


4. Speculation grows for the CF Chairman and NME elections on Tory Bear – As always, Tory Bear is always straight on these matters. Owen Meredith, Andy Peterkin and Ben Howlett are all names popping up.


5. David Davis’s Desert Island Disks  on Conservative Home- Ok so this isn’t vitally important to the political spectrum, nor did it originate at Conservative Home. It is however, very interesting to see how the chap works.


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