Alumni Newsletter

Dear all Alumni,


Welcome to the new UCL Conservatives’ Alumni Newsletter!


One of the Society’s resolutions for this year is to nurture a stronger and more active relationship with past members and alumni. As part of this, we would like to keep you abreast of the great events we are hosting every week and encourage you to join us through a regular news bulletin. We would especially like to highlight the upcoming Alumni dinner coming your way in April, which offers a great opportunity to return to UCL and catch up with some old faces.


For this, our first bulletin, we would like to draw your attention to the following:


  1. 1.    Save the date: Alumni Dinner
  2. 2.    Spread the word: rebooting the alumni network
  3. 3.    Coming soon to UCLU Conservative Society
  4. 4.    What we have achieved this year



1. Save the Date: Alumni Dinner


You are cordially invited to attend this years Alumni Dinner on Saturday 21st April . Tickets will be going on sale in the coming weeks but in the mean time please keep the evening free for an evening of champagne, fine dining and good company, all on campus!


2. Spread the word: rebooting the alumni network


Due to UCLU data protection rules, you may know already that we are unable to keep email addresses on file once a member graduates. As a result we would like to build up a mailing list of those who would like to be involved or kept informed. We are already in touch with many of you through Facebook (Like us at, but we would like to get a functioning mailing list going with your help;

  • If you have received this email, please forward it on to other Society alumni and former members you are still in touch with!
  • If you were forwarded this email or have received this via Facebook, then please drop us an email to and we can add you to the mailing list immediately


Thanks for your help in getting this ball rolling.


3. Coming soon UCLU Conservative Society


We have a great term of events ahead of us here at UCLU Conservative Society and we would love it if you could join us! Entry is a bargain £5 per event. Some dates for the diary include:

  • 21ST February: Port and Policy – “THBT competition is damaging to the NHS”
  • 28TH: Rt Hon Lord Kenneth Baker, former Party Chairman, Education and Home Secretary
  • 1ST March: AGM
  • 8TH March: Rt Hon Lord David Trimble, former NI First Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • 13TH March: Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Communities Secretary

4. What we have achieved so far this year!


2011/2012 has been a big year for UCLU Conservative Society. For the first time ever, we have hosted an event every week. To find out more please head to our website and download the Society Activity Report:



That’s all for now. I hope to meet you at one of our events soon and please do spread the word!


Louisa Townson | Postgraduate and Alumni Officer | UCL Union Conservative Society

C/o CSC Reception | UCL Union | 25 Gordon Street | London | WC1H 0AY





Twitter: @UCLTories


Don’t forget to look into the UCL Conservative Alumni Network on Facebook, located here – 

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