Attitudes to Leaders

The culture of different countries has always interested me and is one reason for why I decided to study foreign languages, by looking at other countries we can see difference as well as the similarities between us and work out what is unique about our country, in things like cuisine, language and in our attitudes to our leaders and other political figures who run our country.

In the UK we like to satirize our leaders and poke fun at them, their policies and the antics and scrapes that they get in to. Television shows like Have I got News for you!, Splitting Image and Bremner, Bird and Fortune often use prominent political figures in their sketches as this sketch from The Impressions show shows, here Gordon Brown is depicted as a Rapper rapping about the state of the Economy and Present Day Britain.

However in other countries this is not the case and often they do the exact opposite and instead choose to idolise their leaders going so far as to even write songs about how great they are as this song by a group called ‘Singing Together’ shows. The Song is entitled ‘?????? ??? ?????’ (One like Putin) and is about Putin is the ideal man to have as your man. For those of you who do not speak Russian the clip has English subtitles.

There is some speculation that this was a piece of propaganda as this song mysterious appeared on the desk of many radio stations across Russia and no one has ever tracked down who wrote and produced it. However it illustrates my point that different countries have different attitudes to their leaders and it is hard to imagine a group like the Sugababes or Girls Aloud coming together to compose and sing a song about they would like a husband like Gordon Brown or Alstiar Darling.

For the mean time we shall stick to satirising our leaders but who knows with a new government there could be a change in the way the public choose to depict those running the country

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