Campaign Day in Henley-on-Thames

How long has it been since you stretched your legs in the most beautiful town in England? Has it been too long since you last enjoyed a day of river and politics? This is the event for you…

Come join us for a day of campaigning for our brilliant County Council Candidate David Nimmo Smith on April 13th. David has a fantastic record as a Town and County Councillor for Henley and we need to make sure that he gets re-elected with the new division boundary.

Please do join us in Henley Town Centre from 1pm. We’ll be working hard to get out the message and help David to keep serving Henley.

If you’re coming from outside the Town then the 11:57 train from London will get you to us in time.

This really is a great campaign for a great candidate so please do come and join us in our beautiful Town. For further information speak to William Hall or see the facebook event:

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