CF members that Rock!

CF members that Rock!

Resources are key to any organisation and Conservative Future is very lucky that we have an incredible resource: our members. A voluntary group, like us, relies on its members to lead the organisation and move us towards power. I believe fully that our activists are the strength of CF and want to return the power to them – this is the backbone of my campaign and want to make every effort to highlight and support you in the, normally, un-rewarded work that you do.

That is why I am starting a guest blogging section on the Rock Blog to highlight the varied work that CF members do all over the country. Called “CF members that Rock!” it is a chance for normal CF members to have a platform to highlight the work they get up to, the experiences they have and the knowledge they have learnt. It is a sort of step forward from the CF Copywriters.

If elected I would make this a mainstay of the CF National website – our members deserve credit for the work they do and this would be part of that. It would also fill a hole on the training front: experienced members passing on knowledge to newer members. This is key to strengthening our organisation and helping to keep it a formidable force in youth politics.

Over the coming weeks various CF members, from around the UK, will be posting there experiences on this blog. I hope you read, learn and comment on the material in these posts.If you would like to contribute to “CF members that Rock!” please email me:

The first post out today is from Cllr Stuart Davenport –

Tatiana has written on the Spring Forum & Party Conference
Oliver Cooper has written on Libertarianism

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