Christmas Dinner Review

Last night saw the UCL Conservatives meet in the Marlborough Arms for the annual Christmas Dinner.

Amassing in a back-room of the pub, we sat down to a banquet of four courses that was in store. The food came thick and fast, with the starters flying everywhere with such speed that some had to make last-minute changes to get what they initially ordered. The culinary highlight of the evening for all was the customary Turkey (with generous stuffing).

With crackers cracked and the kitsch toys and paper hats in hand, we finally moved onto desserts. The plentiful supply of profiteroles delighted many as well as the servings of ice cream, even if some only ordered a Christmas Pudding. The ambience of the evening was constantly festive, and with fine wine flowing generously, a cheery Conservative Christmas feast was had by all.

Have a happy Christmas everyone, see you all in the New Year (with another term of great events)!

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