Extraordinary General Meeting

Extraordinary might be overselling it, but we’ve found ourselves at the beginning of the year 3 members short of a committee and in need of some constitutional change.

This creates a great opportunity for you to come along and potentially join us on the committee, or at least decide who does, and give your input on our constitution.

The EGM will be held on Tuesday 28th October in the Engineering Front Executive Suite 103 at 7pm.

Standing for committee is a great way to get more involved in the society, meet more members and get some great experience for the CV. It is a weekly responsibility but also great fun. I’d really recommend it! The positions up for grabs:

1. Social Sec: Helping plan all the social events the society runs, most notably the Ceilidh this coming January.

2. Freshers Rep: This position is strictly open to Freshers, AKA 1st year students. The idea is for you to encourage first year involvement.

3. Postgraduate and Alumni Rep: This role is strictly open to final year or postgrads (ie 3rd yr, PhD or Masters students) who will take responsibility for graduate recruitment, alumni relations and helping plan our Annual Alumni Dinner.

Please mull over these positions and email Nick or catch up with him at our upcoming events if you have any questions about what is involved. Nominations will open next Monday 21st October and close Friday 25th October at Midday, where you must nominate yourself by filling out the form that will be sent out next weekend. (If you’re not receiving the emails and would like to, also let Nick know!)

You must be a member both to run for a position and to vote at our EGM. You can run for a maximum of 2 positions.

After the EGM we will then head for drinks.

Hope to see you all there!

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