Committee Profiles

Thank you to everyone who came to the Welcome Fair stand to meet us this week. Find out a bit about some of the Committee members below, as well as their contact details on the Committee 2012-13 page. We look forward to seeing you at our first event on Tuesday!


Hello! My name is Matthew Corner and I will be the Society President for 2012-13, having been Secretary last year and Fresher’s Rep before that. I am sure you will enjoy some of the fantastic events we’ve got planned for the year – there really is something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned politico, want to find out what it’s about or just want to have a great time! I study History and am now in my final year during which I will be focusing on modern political and international history. Politically I favour free market economics and a smaller state, which respects the constitution, rule of law and individual freedoms. I also have a penchant for music, real ale and sport.



My name is Matthew Gibbard, and I was born at a young age in the coastal and ceremonial county of Hampshire. Being schooled during daylight hours in Portsmouth, the spiritual home of the great Royal Navy meant it was natural for me to develop an interest in rum. I never became a Tory, I was born a Tory. Such means that I don’t have to explain what makes me so, beyond saying that blue blood courses through my veins. Paradoxically, spare time makes up the majority of my life and in it I enjoy beer made in Britain and women made abroad. I will be the Treasurer for the forthcoming year.


Hi, I’m Ellie, and I’m a 3rd year geographer and Vice-President for the Society. I originally got involved in the society for the Champagne and the men in suits, rather than the politics; so don’t be put off if like me, you want to join for the free booze, rather than the political discussion. You’ll find me behind the bar on Tuesdays with my partner in crime, social secretary Jeni. I’m also on the committee of the horseracing and squash societies.


Hi there! I’m Harry, and as Secretary my responsibility is to ensure smooth management of society administration and day-to-day affairs. Should you wish to submit a motion to the Committee, request a particular speaker or provide us with a suggestion, speak to either myself or our president, Matt. Politically, I have a strong interest in economics, subscribing to Friedman’s monetarist & supply-side theories over Hayek’s alternative ideals.



UCLU Conservative Society: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Social Secretary – Jeni, her 1 year mission to host fabulous society events, to explore new bars & clubs, to seek out new members and to boldly go where no social sec has gone before.

Ok so you guessed it, I’m a nerd. I love all things Star Trek and Sci Fi. Saturday nights are not for clubbing, they are for curling up on or behind the sofa to watch Doctor Who and yes that is a Dalek on my pencil case. But don’t let that fool you, I’m a Bombay Sapphire chugging princess who loves all things bubbly, gift wrapped and gin-based. I’m an ardent Tory who was raised in leafy Oxfordshire (bar a jaunt at boarding school in Buckinghamshire – but home counties nevertheless) though I am a little bit of a mud-blood given my dual nationality status. I am also a Yank whose allegiance lies with the red, white & blue and my idea of a perfect date is a baseball game at Fenway Park with a flat beer and a foam finger.

I don’t want to put you off by giving some long winded explanation of why I’m a Conservative, you can just ask me in person, that is presuming that you’re not too scared to come talk to me. I might be a man eater but I also like to talk. I’m true blue and it is safe to say that the blood in my veins runs blue. I’ll be found at events hosting the drinks table with my terrible twin Ellie (the Vice-President) or nursing my hip flask of Bombay (sorry I’m a gin snob, Gordon’s will not cut it). Looking forward to meeting you at events & out around UCL. Peace out xoxo.

Hi! I’m Harriet Gilchrist and I’m the Conservative Society Social Action Officer. When I started UCL last year I, like many freshers, joined multiple societies. However, having participated in the activities put on by them I decided to focus my effort within Tory Soc as – to me – it felt the most welcoming and including society.

I am a very outgoing and active person hence, I hope I can bring something new to the position of Social Action Officer in order to get more fellow Tories enthused and involved in volunteering and fund raising. Therefore, Tory Soc perfect for any one who is this way politically inclined and likes to have a good time.

Hello there, I am James and I am Website & Publicity Officer for 2012-13. I am currently studying the very cool subject of colouring in… I mean Geography (3rd year). Some of you may not have seen me around this semester. Why is that you ask?? Well I have not died… yet, I am just on an Erasmus exchange at Lund University in Sweden. However don’t worry I will be back for January. So what will I do as website & publicity officer? As well as promoting society events I will make sure the website is up-to-date with the latest society news. Oh and make sure the website looks awesome… now that’s important!!

Hi, My name is Louisa and I am the Postgraduate and Alumni Officer for UCLU Conservatives. I’m a PhD student in the Pharmacology department and an active member of the UCLU Postgraduate association. This role is relatively new to the society but one I feel is incredibly important in the future of the society. UCL has over 10,500 graduate students at present but participation has always been relatively poor in the UCLU societies. I’m here to change that. I want to see a society bursting with postgraduates looking to debate the current issues of the day, let their hair down and enjoy a decent night out. Additionally, I’m here to liaise with our many alumni, not least by organising our Alumni Dinner (arguably the highlight of our social calendar!). With a society as old as ours it’s important we maintain a good relationship with our alumni, keep them involved and make the most of this invaluable network of experience and opportunities!

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."