Conservative Future Elections Ballot Papers

If you haven’t received a ballot paper yet for the Conservative Future elections and you are a paid-up member of the Conservative Party under 30 then please do contact CCHQ to ensure that you get your vote. Some useful tips from a National Chairman contender below:

“Ballot papers have now been sent to some of you for the Conservative Future National Elections. Vote now so you don’t forget later, you will have until 12 noon on the 27th September to return your completed ballot paper to CCHQ.

If you have not received one by now, you can request one by following the steps below:

1) Did you sign up nationally? Email to request one, you will also need to have your details confirmed by your local association. You will need to contact them as well:

2) Did you sign up through your association? If so you will need to ask them to email requesting that you receive a ballot paper.

In both cases you will need to provide your association details, your d.o.b, your address, email address, the date you renew your membership and when you joined.

Please request your ballot is emailed to you ASAP.

You need to do this ASAP though!


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