Dodge, dip, duck, dive and… dodge! – Results

The inter-society dodge ball event was a battle of the titans between
our dear Conservative society and the power of societies whose main
role isn’t the provision of gin based cocktails. Six brave Tories
stood proud against RUMs tennis club defeating them with a coldly
calculated doubleteam finale. Despite a somewhat cold reaction from
the audience the Tory victory dance was a mix of beauty and
Next came the fearsome Ultimate Frisbee team. A secret weapon in the
form of Iain Martin was launched and the opposition’s terror was
visible. Sweat poured from their brows and their knees trembled like
little girls. There was a middle ground Mano a Mano battle for control
of a ball before the orchestrated beauty of a Tory offensive was
launched. Sadly we lost and there is a clear message here.
While Tories may appear athletically toned demi-gods it’s not the
looks that count.

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