End of Year Summary

The 09/10 period has been both an exciting and successful one for the UCLU Conservative Society. At the start of the year our blog was awarded a position in the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging in the Conservative Blogs section.

By the end of the year we had won ‘UCLU Society of the Year’, been nominated for ‘UCLU Best Publication of the Year’ for our blog and President Kieran Wiesberg was awarded the title of ‘Union Personality of the Year’. In addition to this various members of the Society won Colours and Centenery Colours.

As part of the Campaign for the General Election members of the Society headed down to help out at CCHQ with GenEVA. In fact so many of our members went that we were awarded a prize for our dedication.

The final icing on the cake came with the Union Elections when Tom Elliot, Mandy Smith, Asa Bennet, Will Hall and Andrew Speakman were all elected for positions in UCL Union.

This year has been perhaps the most successful in the Society’s history. Let’s hope that next year we can build on this year’s success.

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