Event Review

Tuesday night UCL Conservative Society was lucky enough to have two speakers come and talk to us about the importance of campaigning.

First up was PPC for Holborn and St. Pancras – George Lee. George began with a brief biography of himself then moved on to explain why he moved from Hong Kong to the UK and, lastly, why after a career in the London Met, a mobile phone company and studying at Cambridge he decided to turn his had to politics and become a PPC. This was then followed by a selection of questions from society members.

Next up were the representatives from GenEVA who explained the importance of campaigning on a national level as well as a local level. The GenEVA team target key seats and areas with a high number of swing voters then ask them how they plan to vote in the next election and if they will consider voting for the Conservative Party. Full training is given prior to campaigning and wine and pizza is provided after as a Thank You.

To get involved in campaigning on a local level here in Holborn and St. Pancras contact Timothy Alderslade (timothy.alderslade@gmail.com) or to help out the GenEVA team contact geneva@conservatives.com or call 0207 984 8384. We have been informed that Monday night is student night and the University that provides the most helpers will win a trophy that will be presented by Eric Pickles.

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