Fancy a change of routine?

Hi Everyone!

This coming Tuesday, I am proposing something a little different after David Willetts- courtesy of the SOAS Conservatives! We have been warmly invited to their social at Mahiki (probably to start around 10.30pm) and I would suggest we go along for a lovely change and night out! There is however a £10 entry charge on guestlist, and Joel (President of SOAS Conservatives) and I would appreciate it if you let either of us know- preferably Joel as it is his do!- before 5pm on Tuesday if you would like to come along so we can add you on. You can reach us at:

Joel- 07762038033,
Emily- 07886952418,

Our usual post-drinks fun at either Potion or the Union will of course continue if dancing or tropical cocktails is not quite your thing- but come on have a little fun once in awhile why don’t you? After all, its about time UCL(U) Conservatives got to crash a SOAS affair for once!

See you Tuesday!
Emily Cheah

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