Darling’s new fat cat tax discovered.

Last week saw Alistair Darling give the Budget, and as usual the price of cigarettes and alcohol went up. However, what many people may have missed in all the dismay is that Labour are now proposing a tax on obese pets. It is the latest policy in the campaign against the national obesity crisis.

It all began with junk food advertisements being prohibited from being shown during children’s television programmes, then there was a spate of documentaries about the effects of obesity on adults and children. Now it seems that the government has decided to hit us where it really hurts, with our beloved pets, in what the papers have deemed the “fat cat tax”.

In new measures announced recently, all cats and dogs, the two most popular pets in the UK, will be measured and weighed in order to assess their BMI (Body Mass Index). For every point that the animal is over the recommended BMI, the owner will be fined £10. Failure to pay this fine may result in the RSPCA confiscating your pet until such time as you pay up or your pet loses weight.

This law is due to be enforced from next month and it is expected to generate a substantial amount of revenue for the Treasury which is hoped by many to help pull Britain a little further out of the recession. It is also hoped that not only will the owners of fat pets have a little less money to spend on food but that owners will learn from the example of their pets and be encouraged to slim themselves down at the same time as their pets are dieting.

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