Freshers 2010

Hello to all the returning students and to all the newly arrived freshers!

Over the summer your committee has been busily working away to produce a fantastic term-card.

Here is a barebones summary of the first half of term:

Freshers Fayre: 30th – 1st October

Welcome Port and Policy: 12th October

Westminster Pub Crawl: 19th October

Trip to see ‘Yes Minister': 25th October

Port and Policy: 26th October

Conservation Social Action Day: 30th October

Debate with UCLU Labour: 2nd November

Sayed Kamall MEP: 3rd November

Tour of Parliament: 17th November

More details to follow and don’t forget that this doesn’t include the regular campaigning, think-tank and Conservative Future events which we attend. Do remember that we have a stall at the Freshers Fayre this Thursday and Friday and will be available to meet and answer questions. The 12th October is shaping up to be a huge event with very good interest shown so far. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Will Hall


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