Freshers Port and Policy

You are warmly invited to attend UCLU Conservative Society’s first event of the term – Welcome Port and Policy. With unlimited beer, wine, port and squash it should prove to be an exciting start to the term!

The motion: “This House Would Legalise Currently Illegal Recreational Drugs”

The debate will be led by opposing students and there will be an extensive floor debate with a bottle of port as the prize for the best fresher speech!

Followed by an exciting Balloon Debate (chaired by our Vice President) involving an actual basket and real balloons! Watch as famous characters from history battle with words to save themselves from a gruesome death.

7:30pm Tuesday 12th October @ Wilkins Garden Rooms (next to Jeremy Bentham’s body)

UCL Students – Free
Students – £5
Non-students – £7

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."