Gordon Brown doesn’t like Democracy

Dispelling some myths:

1. When Labour say that a majority of people didn’t vote for the Conservatives they are making about the weakest case possible for their coalition. A majority of people certainly didn’t vote for Labour and even less voted for the Lib Dems and if you are a ‘progressive alliance’ then why didn’t you run as such rather than attack each other tooth and nail?

2. The ¬†SNP say that Scottish people didn’t vote for the Conservatives in any great number therefore they don’t have a mandate to govern Scotland. I look forward to the independent Conservative state of Henley, the Green Party Kingdom of Brighton Pavilion et c.

3. Labour hacks saying that Gordon Brown is bold and impressive for putting party before self. This is complete nonsense. He just lost the election but he doesn’t want to go until September. The constitutional regulation allowing the incumbent first choice is flimsy at best. The markets want him to go, the people have said they want him to go and I would bet the Queen wants him to go.

This may all be exciting but it is also a complete farce.


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