Gordon’s Gone for Good

Gordon has gone to the Queen and thirteen years of Labour is over.

We have seen ridiculous levels of public debt, failing schools, social breakdown, public money spent on contemplation suites and what has it all been for? To appease the ideology of a few misguided leaders.

This is an exciting and interesting time. If Lib Dems go into coalition with DC then we are more than likely to see fixed term parliaments. This will bind the new partnership together and remove the possibility of DC capitalising on any honeymoon period. If we get AV+ then we will see another enormous constitutional change. Both of these will be hugely divisive issues for the traditional elements of the Conservative party and it will be interesting to see how they are sold to the grass-roots.

In the words of President Kieran Weisberg: “We always needed a bit of yellow to go properly Green”


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