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Tuition Fees

There are few Members of the recently dissolved Parliament who arouse more animosity than the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. Much of the hostility directed towards Mr Clegg stems from his broken pledge to abolish tuition fees. Yet he is fundamentally an honest and decent man who sacrificed his own short-lived near-celebrity status and the… Read more »

Please sign our petition to hold UCL to account over Erasmus funding!

– UCL should pay Erasmus students the Grant money which they owe immediately. If they have not yet been paid their allowance, they should source the money from general UCL reserves. – Students should be given an apology, and a full and truthful explanation as to why this has happened, and why students from other… Read more »

Piggy banks or cash cows? UCL’s financial failure – Helen Chandler-Wilde

I’ve always hated the phrase “cash cows”. A brutish phrase and most often falsely applied to foreign students at British universities, whose fees are higher than those for domestic students as they are not part of the state which subsidises those fees. However, I am a firm believer in contracts, and unfortunately our alma mater,… Read more »

The Party for Private Property – Sam Dyas

In the years before the economic crisis across the UK, as well as during the recession years, house prices continued to rise enormously in London. This is something that affects all those living in the UK, but mostly young people as they are the largest group to yet climb onto the housing ladder. Despite the… Read more »

Welcome to the new UCLU Tory Website – Cameron Jones

Hello and welcome to the new UCLU Conservatives website! Since 2006, the society has run a publication called The Caerulean, which we have finally decided to take online in the form of the blog you’re reading at the moment. As well as trying to boost circulation in a way that doesn’t involve standing out in… Read more »

“The Next Election in Holborn & St Pancras Will be Decided by Students” – Lewis Barber

Congratulations on being selected as the Conservative Candidate for Holborn & St Pancras. With long standing Labour MP Frank Dobson standing down at the end of this parliament this could be a real fight, what could swing it? Thanks very much, and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the UCL Conservatives newsletter…. Read more »

Giving the Green Light to the Green Agenda – Lewis Barber

Our country is at a crossroads. The government’s long term economic plan for financial stability and prosperity could be thwarted from the Left by an irrational but populist party; and from the Right by a party whose success is drawn not from solid policy but by successful communication with the electorate. It’s not just the… Read more »