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Baroness Goldie: “Stars Propitiously Arranged For Scottish Conservatives” – Matthew Schlachter

As someone who had only undertaken the same number of interviews as there are pandas in Edinburgh Zoo, the prospect of carrying out a telephone interview was both a new and nerve-raking concept. The sole benefit, as opposed to the face-to-face conversation I was used to, was that one could be flexible with one’s outfit…. Read more »

Junior doctors’ contracts: Breaking the deadlock

After over 2 years of review and negotiation, junior doctors have had employment contracts imposed upon them by the Secretary of State for Health. The Health Secretary supposedly had the backing of 20 NHS Trust Chief Executive Officers, 14 of whom have withdrawn their support on the matter of imposition. The misrepresentation by government is… Read more »

Big is Beautiful

Here in Britain we all have the natural tendency to support the underdog. David versus Goliath, the rural community against the monolithic fracking company or the small and medium enterprises which can never be overly praised by our policymakers as job creators. But praising big business has been a no-go area for politicians of any… Read more »

Revisiting The Case For Action In Syria – James Vitali

It is a truism that with time, the media’s attention to a story fades away. This is no different with the Syrian crisis, and just as quickly as the dilemma was first brought into public view by Isis atrocities and executions published on the internet, it too has faded away. Yet it is also an… Read more »

A Case for the House of Lords – Roland Mortimer

On the 26th October 2015 the Government was dealt a major blow when the House of Lords voted to block their plans to make reforms to the system of tax credits. Much ado followed this result, with MPs from both sides of the political spectrum lambasting the Lords for intervening in the democratic process. This… Read more »

Generation Screwed

It is now more than a decade since then-US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld offered one of the more bizarre press conferences in political history. Discussing the Iraq War, he listed the different kinds of knowledge – the known knowns, the unknown knowns, the known unknowns and, most mind-bending of all, the unknown unknowns; that… Read more »

Catalonia Vs. Scotland – Matthew Schlachter

Following the 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections, which saw the Scottish nationalists win a majority of four and 45% of the vote, the British government acknowledged the will of the Scottish people to have a say on their future; whether it be as an independent nation or a continued member of the United Kingdom. The following… Read more »