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Big is Beautiful

Here in Britain we all have the natural tendency to support the underdog. David versus Goliath, the rural community against the monolithic fracking company or the small and medium enterprises which can never be overly praised by our policymakers as job creators. But praising big business has been a no-go area for politicians of any… Read more »

Generation Screwed

It is now more than a decade since then-US Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld offered one of the more bizarre press conferences in political history. Discussing the Iraq War, he listed the different kinds of knowledge – the known knowns, the unknown knowns, the known unknowns and, most mind-bending of all, the unknown unknowns; that… Read more »

Who Wants To Be Out Of The European Loop

Political fashion has left the Europhile out in the cold over the past 10 years. It hasn’t been easy to get airtime to articulate a case for a stronger and more powerful Britain shaping politics and policy at the heart of Europe. But fashions turn, and the European Movement, which I now chair, is regaining… Read more »

EU referendum: first EFTA/Single Market, then In/Out

The referendum on EU membership is planned as an In/Out referendum. Is this winnable? Is it the easiest way of gaining self-government? I don’t believe so. A Survation EU poll showed 47% want ‘Out’ of the EU, 31% wish to remain ‘In’ and 20% ‘Don’t Know’. However, with concessions, 41% would stay in the EU… Read more »

Green Conservatism

Shortly after the Coalition agreement of 2010, David Cameron declared that the new Government would be the “greenest ever”. In May of this year the Conservative government went to polls with, perhaps, an even more radical green agenda. The Conservative manifesto promised bold and exciting initiatives: marine conservation and offshore wind to name just two…. Read more »