Introducing the Committee p.2

Our second officer is Marta Krokosz – General Secretary:

“Firstly, as part of the committee I’d like to say a warm welcome to all UCL Conservatives, be you returning members, or new freshers. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the programme of events that we’ve helped put together for you for the next year – see you at the Freshers’ Fayre to find out more!

The past year with the UCL Conservative Society has been both eventful and fun, and by being part of the committee I aim to help continue the success of the society, as well as to continue raising it’s profile as a hugely significant National Conservative student Society.

I am a currently a student at the Mechanical Engineering Department at UCL, and as General Secretary, I’ll be the main way in which the Committee communicates with members about our upcoming events as well as exciting Conservative goings-on outside of the society and around London. Being born and raised in this wonderful city has given me the fantastic opportunity to enjoy all of my hobbies, which besides politics include: art, riding, fashion, and Formula 1.

If you’ve got any ideas about how to make it easier for us to update you with all the latest information, or if you just want to find out more about the society – don’t hesitate to drop me a line by email. “

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