Jeremy Hunt at UCL

Last night Jeremy Hunt MP was our guest speaker at our weekly drinks receiption. The event began with a very interesting speech about the role of the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport before moving on to an extensive Q and A session.

In his speech Mr. Hunt mentioned some ideas and schemes that he would bring about for example the re-introduction of competitive sport in school, both to get kids exercising but also as it teachs the valuable lesson of winning and losing, something that should be learnt at a young age as it is something that regularly occurs in the adult world. Mr. Hunt also explained how the Olympics is such an important event not just for the world of sport but also for London.

An interesting point that Mr. Hunt mentioned in his speech was the importance for would be politicians to do something with their life before they become politicians as it offers experience that you can later draw upon and gives you to see the world from a wider perspective.

On behalf of the society I would like to thank Jeremy Hunt for being our guest. Our next event is a Pub quiz starting at 19:30 on December 1st (venue to be announced) hope to see you all there!

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