Join the CF National Executive

I have just had this pass through my inbox and wondered if any of our members may be interested in applying.

‘Join the CF National Executive

Conservative Future is looking for 3 people to join the National Executive to support our preparation ahead of the General Election campaign

Do you want to help play a key part in removing the Labour Government from power? The CF National Executive is looking for 3 of its members to step up and help get CF ready for the run-up to the General Election.

We have three roles we want filled and you can find the details below. All three posts are voluntary. By taking one of these roles you will become a member of the National Executive of Conservative Future. The details on each role are brief as we want the people who take on the positions to have freedom for future development of them.

If you have further questions then email

The roles

Person 1 – Press & media development

This person will work to help CF branches attract local coverage in both print and broadcast media, as well as on the blogosphere.

They will also work to increase the media coverage for the national organisation, but the focus of the role is on getting local media coverage for individual branches.

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Person 2 – Conservative Future TV

This person will produce regular videos for CF TV looking at political issues of the day and the work CF members are involved with.

They will also work on getting branches to make and send in their own videos.

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Person 3 – Research

This person will focus on research into areas we cover, such as political education and student politics.

They will also work with other CF members to develop policy ideas that can be submitted to the main Party.

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How do I apply?

To apply for any of these positions download and complete the relevant application form. Please send your completed application to by Monday 17th August. Interviews will take place soon after.’

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