Kriss Akabusi’s Pleasure Lounge

Kriss Akabusi

The union have taken it upon themselves to repaint one of the bars in the union. Upon such a momentous occasion it was decided that the bar should be renamed, with UCL students voting to decide the new name.

The options have come through as follows:

Burlington’s Bar
Kriss Akabusi Pleasure Lounge
You See Elves
The 2econd Floor Bar
That Really Awesome Bar
The Library
The Bentham’s Head
The UC Sports Bar

If you haven’t already voted, please cast your vote to rename the union bar as ‘Kriss Akabusi’s Pleasure Lounge.’ Surely we should all salute a national treasure and who could honestly say that they wouldn’t enjoy having been in ‘Kriss Akabusi’s Pleasure Lounge!’ Make sure to change your facebook profile to an appropriate photo of Kriss to support the cause!

Rumour has it that Kriss may even turn up at the dedication should we choose this most wonderous of names…

To vote simply click the following link:

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