Meet the Committee: Caerulean Editor

“Hello, I’m Sam and I’m the Caerulean Editor, I’m also a 1st year History student at SSEES. As a Yorkshireman, coming down to the capital is a totally different experience to the dizzy heights of Leeds. Being a fresher, I am new & passionate to get engrossed within this society as well as make sure that we get the Conservative message out there! In my role as Editor of the Caerulean, we all know that we need to make sure that every voice is heard that across the broad church that is the UCL Tory Society. I want to see the magazine move forward & progress; supporting both the Party and government, while still posing a challenge to the dogmas of modern politics to stimulate debate. I look forward to building on the success of the past in creating a modern & intellectual magazine forging a progressive step to make sure we can move forward & grow together. Do get in contact with me! Email

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