Meet the new committee: Campaigns Officer

“Hi I’m Akshat, and I’m the Campaigns Officer. With respect to politics, I like to term myself as a ‘right-wing progressive’. I love the NHS but do believe that people should be paying for most of the services they consume, which include higher education.  The prime role of the government, in my opinion, should be to provide equal opportunity and build institutions that reward hard work, leadership and innovation, which could be achieved through reducing its role in the economy, having more flexible labour laws, less red tape, improving school education and putting up welfare for those who truly need it.  
My other main interest is dance. I have been practically dancing half my life. Dance has always proved to be a source of purpose and motivation for me and is probably the only thing I turn to in times of  stress. I do History at UCL and thoroughly enjoy courses on political thought…Hope to see you soon sometime! Email

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