Meet the new committee: Website & Publicity Officer

“Hey, I’m Jeni, and I’m the Website & Publicity Officer and a self confessed geek. I study Politics, Russian and Eastern European Studies at SSEES, I’m in my 2nd year and I’m also the only committee member on a UCL Sport Team (Hockey).  I come from one of the most famous Conservative constituencies – Henley on Thames and having Boris Johnson as my MP certainly galvanized my interest in politics. I don’t know what type of Tory I am, but I love the free market, Margaret Thatcher, patriotism and big society and my dual nationality helps to influence my political leaning.
As Website & Publicity Officer I want to turn the website into more of a blog like other fabulous Tory ones, and also increase its readership. I also want to make sure that the entire UCL campus knows more about us and is fully educated as to the plans & policies of a the coalition government and knows that the UCL Conservative society is the place for free speech & a good time.
Email me if you’ve got any website suggestions or if you need me for anything! See you around and about :)

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."