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UCL Conservatives invite you to come and meet Greg Barker, Minister for Energy and Climate Change, on Tuesday November 22nd, who is leading the charge with the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ agenda, and MP for Bexhill and Battle .

A close confidant of David Cameron, Barker accompanied DC on his famous expedition to the Arctic Circle in 2006. A member of the Conservative frontbench team since 2003, climate change campaigner and energy sector expert, come along for a one-off chance to hear from an expert in the field, dealing with such issues as we speak, and his views for the future and a ‘Greener’ Britain. There will also be a Q&A at the end.

The event will begin at 7pm sharp, so come early to avoid disappointment. It will be held in the Pearson Lecture Theatre in the Geography Department.

This is a FREE event for all UCL students.

How do I get into more events like this for free?
Join the Society for a bargain price of £7.50 online at and log in using UCL ID details.
How do I get there?
Follow this link for details to find the Pearson LT:

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