Next Event – Andrew Mitchell MP

UCL Conservatives are delighted to invite you to come and join us for an evening with Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, current Secretary of State for International Development, former UN peacekeeper and MP for Sutton Coldfield (

Head along on Tuesday January 24th at 7pm for our next guest in our on-campus speaker series. Our event will be held in the Cruciform Lecture Theatre 2, UCL Campus

A former UN peacekeeper in 1970s Cyprus, Mr Mitchell gained masses of experience of the developing world, travelling Africa and Asia before he became an MP. Not only is he the founder of ‘Project Umubano’, a Conservative Party social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone launched in 2007, he served in the British Royal Tank Regiment before joining Lazard, one of the world’s largest investment banks, where he worked with GB companies seeking large-scale overseas contracts. Having served as Shadow Secretary for ID for half a decade, and run David Davis’ 2005 ill-fated leadership campaign, this is definitely not an event to miss.

With the Coalition taking the reigns in May 2010, he became Secretary of State for International Development. Both in Opposition and Government, he has repeatedly asserted the need for full transparency and value for money in British aid contributions to the developing world, with resources concentrated on the world’s poorest and most troubled countries. Andrew Mitchell has personally made the commitment to reach the UN target to spend 0.7 per cent of UK GNI on aid to the developing world by 2013 – making the UK an “international aid superpower”.

Interested? Must be? All are welcome to meet the man himself at UCL.

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