Party Conference

The Conservative Party conference was held from October 3rd – 6th at the ICC in Birmingham. The conference was the first time that Cameron was able to address the party faithful as Prime Minister and explain details of the coalition, cuts and his vision for Government.
He said that just as the Conservatives & Liberal Democrats had come together to form a coalition, so the whole country must come together in the national interest. The party slogan for the conference was “Together in the National Interest”.

Cameron reiterated his vision of the “Big Society” and embroiled wartime spirit by saying “Your country needs you”. In his closing speech he said that though the cuts would be tough, there was “no other responsible way”. The decisions that Cameron and his government are making will ensure greater rewards in the future including the creation of jobs, stabilisation of our economy and reduction of our deficit, also protection of the National Health service.

Other announcements from party conference include Foreign Secretary William Hague promising a sovereignty clause to be included in an EU bill to be introduced into Parliament this year. It will make clear that EU directives take effect in the UK only by the will of Parliament, which can be withdrawn. Also, George Osborne made clear his plans to cut child benefits to the middle classes, but also made a promise of introducing tax breaks for married couples.

Conservative Future were also out in force at the conference. Not only attending the many social events, including pub quizes and receptions, but also actively taking part in the social action project in the Alum Rock area of Birmingham, with the aim of transforming a disused building into a community centre. Conservative Future were also out and about in Birmingham supporting the Conservative council members with campaigning.

Overall the Conference was an inspirational show of force from David Cameron and his government, with Cameron showing us he’s a real leader and persuading us, his country, to pull together through the difficult times ahead, but with the vision of a better country just over the horizon.

Below is a link to Cameron’s conference speech;

David Camerons Conference Speech.

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