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- UCL should pay Erasmus students the Grant money which they owe immediately. If they have not yet been paid their allowance, they should source the money from general UCL reserves.
– Students should be given an apology, and a full and truthful explanation as to why this has happened, and why students from other British universities are receiving more than UCL students.
– UCL should make a commitment to next years’ Study Abroad students as to how they are going to prevent this problem happening again, and a commitment of how much money they will be paid so students can make financial plans.

Read Helen Chandler-Wilde’s account of UCL’s failure to support students here.

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NameWhy are you signing?
NameWhy are you signing?
Anna WilsonSame thing happened to me! I may have to leave my placement if my uni does not admit their mistake and provide me with the money I am owed. So much for equal opportunity - this is exactly the kind of thing that puts lower income students like me off applying for opportunities like Erasmus. What kind of message does that send out?
Anna WilsonSame thing happened to me! I may have to leave my placement if my uni does not admit their mistake and provide me with the money I am owed. So much for equal opportunity - this is exactly the kind of thing that puts lower income students like me off applying for opportunities like Erasmus. What kind of message does that send out?
Anonymous UCL Staff DroneAs a disgruntled support staff member similarly aghast with UCL\'s ever-worsening attitude to the needs of the people studying here or propping up the day-to-day running of the institution, I wish to show some solidarity.
Hannah WebbThe lateness and greatly diminished erasmus grant is putting huge amounts of students, myself included, in financial instability, and with a severe lack of money. I am worried as to whether I am able to afford my rent or not, and may be evicted. If I\'d known I might have rented somewhere further out the centre of the city, and it still would not have been good. UCL constantly priorities making a bigger surplus over the welfare of students. It cares very little, if at all about student welfare and wellbeing.
Jemma Drummond
Maria OrtizMy son is affected
Alexander FishlockI study languages and will need Erasmus\' support in the coming years.
Arka Raina
Rufus Bart-KorantengI want my money.
alexandra von schelling summershave not received money which was promised; suspiscious to why other universities are receiving more
Katarina Srnic
KasiaI\'m a UCL applicant and I think this is abysmal.
Victoria Zuza
Ellie Alberts
Jonas EkblomI am, just as many else, living on barely anything while on my year abroad in Belgium. Due to the reduced Erasmus Grants I am living on 4 Euros per day – 3 British pounds, and have been, for several weeks, and will until Christmas. It is truly a deplorable situation, and bitterness has only worsened through immensely bad communication from the Study Abroad office at UCL, and the fact that students from several other British universities have NOT had their grants reduced.
Max JoshuaI am currently studying abroad in Europe as a UCL student and am still waiting for my Erasmus Grant. Receiving it so late has caused me some issues.
Rebecca PearceStudents count on this money to live abroad. I wouldn\'t have been able to afford going abroad if it was for this money and to be left alone in a foreign country expected to achieve UCL standard grades while you\'re wondering how you can pay for your next meal is not acceptable. UCL has the money to support their students and have become complacent about their well-being. People currently joining UCL are paying triple the fees and receiving half the service. It\'s unacceptable.
Charlotte Brett
MaisieEducation should be accessible to all. Management should prioritise the welfare of students, not profits.
Christopher Everett
David RadostaIn my opinion, UCL should live up to its top-notch reputation and support its students sufficiently.
Matthew Perlman
BazinA promess is a moral contract which shall be respected.
Jonty H. CampbellIt\'s only fair! A stitch in time saves nine, etc....
Klaudia Konkolova
Leonora Lai
Sam HilsenrathUCL\'s ineptitude has made the first two-three months of my year abroad a living hell, with incredible financial problems. It\'s all very well to expect us to understand but I have rent to pay and getting a job is very difficult in Venice even when you\'re not a full time student. UCL have behaved abysmally in this issue and it is hard to believe their immense coffers could not be raided to produce the promised money in a timely fashion.
Meng ZhouI am the Erasmus student and I need the money. was told the grant will be cut and I cannot receive the grant as expected
Wendy DonaldMy son is currently in Helsinki and has not received his Erasmus funding. It is a disgrace that he has spend so much time begging for this funding and has no money left to buy food. Finland has a high cost of living. Following an emotional appeal from him, we are now helping him as much as we can in order that he can complete his studies and fly home at Christmas. The situation is unacceptable considering the tuition fees paid and loans already accessed.
Wendy DonaldMy son is currently in Helsinki and has not received his Erasmus funding. It is a disgrace that he has spend so much time begging for this funding and has no money left to buy food. Finland has a high cost of living. Following an emotional appeal from him, we are now helping him as much as we can in order that he can complete his studies and fly home at Christmas. The situation is unacceptable considering the tuition fees paid and loans already accessed.
Arthur Davis
Sarah BahengamBecause students need to be able to rely on UCL to finance their Year Abroad.
Jade StrakerDue to UCL\'s failure to support students.
A BI went on Erasmus last year and received my second settlement in October this year. This put me in a very difficult financial situation at the end of my Erasmus year and I do not wish for anyone to go through such experience.
constance prudhomme
Caroline AtkinsonBecause not only am I affected by this, but I also do not want to see a repeat of the situation for the year below.
Phoebe Bitmead-HillI am a UCL student currently studying abroad in Avignon, France. The year abroad is a compulsory part of my degree. I cannot, and do not believe I should have to, ask my parents for financial support. UCL have acted irresponsibly and are not protecting their students.
Ella Martin
Patrick Montague-JonesI am a Modern Languages student whose grant is due to come into effect in Term 2 and so far it seems like those who have needed it in Term 1, have been messed about. The initial description of the Erasmus grant was that it was going to be there to help us finance our year abroad. The great needs to be with us, as promised, when we need it!
Deniz KavakBecause students are the leaders of the future generation and need money to survive
Lucy BinghamA promise has been broken and a lot of people are facing hardship thanks to UCL. I am very disappointed by the lack of clarity on the university\'s part. They could have handled this situation a lot better.
Elspeth Hamblin
Daniel GJ
Karolina Szpejnowska
Sophie AversaI am going abroad next year, and although I am fortunate enough to have means to support myself financially, I know many people that need to money in order to spend the time abroad. It is part of our degree, why should we not receive the grant?
Anna DusenkovaBecause we are paying incredible amounts of money to UCL and now they want to take even the minimum that we deserve for ERASMUS!
Viola Träm
Alice FletcherBecause I dont think we should have to wait this long for this money, while also paying 15% tuition fees for UCL despite not even being there!
Alice FletcherBecause I dont think we should have to wait this long for this money, while also paying 15% tuition fees for UCL despite not even being there!
Pratiksha Vekaria
Verity Batson
Oxford CF
Theodora Dickinson
Raphaëlle Vanden BemdenBecause I am a student and we deserve more funding.
DavidBecause I don\'t agree at all with the cuts in the funding of the Erasmus programmes, and even more without informing beforehand.
Mhairi ThatcherI think it is appalling that UCL has kept its year abroad students in the dark about funding for two months and is now giving us next to nothing to live off. UCL should be focusing on supporting its students and keeping to its contract with us rather than insulting our intelligence in an attempt to cover up its mistakes. How can we be expected to do a good job on our year abroad projects, which count for a lot, as well as keep up with our host university workload or job placement when we are constantly stressed out about money because we don\'t even have enough to feed ourselves?!
Abigail BriggsBecause UCL shouldn\'t keep us in the dark over the money that we are entitled to. Because communication from UCL on this matter has been poor. Because UCL have the funds to give us the money now (as some universities have already done), while they wait for the payment to come through from the Erasmus fund.
Ilia Barboutev
Catherine Gibson
Biagia Scannella
Faidra Faitaki
Ignacio ArronizBecause solidarity between students is essential to fight the vices of our educative system
Archana Venkatesh
Chloe Hill- We have a right to know what\'s happening to the money we were promised months ago - We pay a huge amount of money for UCL to do their best for students academically and otherwise
Lukas Benjamin WahdenESPS fresher noticing and strongly disagreeing with the mentioned developments on campus
Heidi ScherzUCL, after promising funding at approximately 400 Euros/month for the full time of my mandatory mobility period in Finland, have without warning or adequate explanation reduced the total amount received by approximately 1/3. Meanwhile, they have raised the course fees that we pay on the IMESS MA the maximum percentage allowable, to add insult to the injury that for no justifiable reason, UCL expects those students on our programme to pay upwards of £8000 per year to study at universities which, in my case for instance, are generally free. The excuse of national Erasmus budget issues does not hold true in the face of the fact that other students on Erasmus mobility programmes from other English and British universities have not experienced a similar dock in grant. The transparency of information in this case has been deplorably absent and we deserve a proper, transparent explanation at the very least and full compensation if possible.
Genevieve Shea
Maria Wiegel
James LishmanNot directly affected by this, but offering support to people on my programme who are. Also, as a student studying abroad who doesn\'t get any funding due to studying in a non-EU country, I have learnt that there is a great deal of potential financial support that UCL did not make us aware of
Miranda Because I\'ve been affected by this and have been unhappy with the way it has been handled, both by UCL Abroad and my department.
Alex Edwards
Florian MarcusBecause I will be going abroad next year with UCL\'s SSEES department and I am deeply worried about this endeavour.
David LodderI am currently finishing my double degree in Budapest and was promised a full Erasmus scholarship by UCL. Next to the delays, my grant has been diminished by around 1/3 and initial complaints have been answered with: \"you should be happy with the special program we are offering you\".
ALNAlumni here, standing in solidarity. UCL were awful during my year abroad. I was taken into hospital for an emergency appendectomy the weekend before exams at my Erasmus university and was unable to sit them. UCL fudged it from day one, first saying not to worry then telling me I had to make up the credits then telling me credits don\'t even matter anyway. They were hopeless. I can\'t even begin to imagine how stressful it must be to be abroad with no money. The concept that students are now paying 15% tuition to the university whilst on their year abroad is simply laughable too.
A Rcos fuck this
Oscarbecause I like to sign petitions by the conservative society for not cutting expenditure on education.
ShaadiIt affects me directly.
Rory Connor
Victor CartierBecause I will be doing a year abroad during my third year, and I am very angry.
Gillot cyrilBecause i have the feeling to pay a 9000-pound-per-year university for nothing!
Renard LucileA friend of mine can\'t go out for the moment because he doesn\'t have enough money because he hasn\'t receive the Grant money yet.
Halla Edwards-MuthuBecause my career development loan won\'t cover the excess. Because I will have to pay for my rent on my credit card for the third time next month, having so far received absolutely nothing.
Kyle StoreyBecause I\'m an erasmus student who has £6 to live on in Berlin until this money eventually comes through.
Elizabeth DUCL consistently puts its business interests before the interests and experiences of its students, and needs to learn to view its students and staff as valuable for their skills and motivation rather than as breathing balance sheets.
Oliver Gravesbecause Erasmus is something that\'s very important to me and UCL are being dicks
Arthur DavisI will be using the Erasmus programme in my third year and want a fair deal. Any university charging its students such extortionate amounts must be expected to provide perfect service. Unfortunately, UCL rarely does.
Heni VyasBecause I cannot afford my rent!! If I had known the grant would be this small I would NEVER have applied for a degree with a year abroad. Waste of time and money.
Kourosh Pakroo
Anna GolebiowskaI\'m affected.
Rebecca MBecause UCL advertised an amount payable to Erasmus students on my course, and then failed to deliver that - or even communicate with students about the problem. And that is just not acceptable.
Bevin McCartan To prevent young students being abandoned in a foreign country penniless and without means to exist
Lucinda RodgersLow income family, son studying abroad.
Claire C
Manon Jones
Laurence YoungBecause UCL are absolutely useless at student welfare and provisions and consistently prioritise financial gain over helping students.
Avy Tennison
Chloe IshmaelCompletely irresponsible of UCL to send students abroad for \'the best year of their degree\' with lacking and delayed financial support and insufficient communication regarding the grants/providing solution for struggling students.
Madeleine Liner
Daniel Rodgers
Louisa TownsonBecause I think it\'s wrong to make students go hungry because of weighty UCL beaurocracy
LDBecause it distresses me both that acquaintances of mine abroad are having to consider not eating to pay for rent, and that I have, for the first time in three years, found common ground with the Conservative Society. Things should not have come to this.
Charlie RedwoodBecause I am outraged at UCL\'s impotence and incompetence with regard to the issue of reduced and late-arriving Erasmus grants. Students desperately rely on grants to support themselves abroad, and the university has failed their students
Leo BowersBecause this is not acceptable
Emma MoranBecause receiving my grant, and I quote, \"in a few weeks\" doesn\'t help when I need to pay rent NOW. At least if I knew a payment schedule I could actually do the budgeting that we were constantly told we should be doing during year abroad preparation meetings.
Jennifer Dixon
Dugald JohnsonI am a current UCL student on an Erasmus year, suffering from the university\'s funding failures.
Laura AlexanderBecause I have received nothing and am 2 months into my stay.
Hanadi RammuI was previously interested in the Study Abroad/ Erasmus programme and so I am very disheartened and upset to hear about what\'s happened. UCL should be supporting its students and help them to develop into more global citizens.
Benedict Claxton StevensThe betrayal of students abroad and the removal of the ability to fund themselves without warning is unacceptable, especially while they may still be paying for the privilege of NOT being at UCL
Jeri HoldenBecause this is a problem that, according to Erasmus students in previous years, has happened before and will continue to happen unless UCL comes up with a satisfactory solution.
BaraHave already been living off my savings for almost 2 months now in Prague,still haven\'t received Erasmus money and have just last week been informed that what I was meant to receive will actually be 1/3 less than I was repeatedly promised by UCL the year before.
Evan John
Ellie Absolute disgrace!
Becky PinningtonUCL have been nothing but awful this year and last year as far as Erasmus goes. Even hardship funding applications take time to go through -- I am receiving a bursary from UCL as well as my \"incoming\" Erasmus grant and it is still not enough to support me. As per usual, students are pissed off, and UCL doesn\'t care.
Ellie Absolute disgrace!
Luke McGarey
Zeynep SmithVienna is expensive.
Laurence Ashcroft
Ben MunsterI\'m going on year abroad next year and don\'t want UCL to fuck it up by being stingy cunts
Kate Stevenson
IzzyBecause we have been put in a difficult situation where it is becoming increasingly impossible to enjoy the year abroad experience due to lack of funds and have been kept completely in the dark about why this is the case while other universities have managed to communicate what has been going on to their students.
Elliot Taylor
FreyaFor being left in the dark for months and then offered money to cover less time spent abroad than how long we are actually here for.
Emily Johnston-Purvis
Christopher WongsosaputroIt is unfair for students who have already enrolled in the Erasmus programme to have their funding cut halfway through their programme.
Jack PooleI am in the most expensive country within Europe, Denmark as a country is like living in London pricewise. Copenhagen tops that where a loaf of bread costs the equivalent of £2. Not getting the Erasmus grant in full OR ontime has meant The first semester which began in AUGUST and ends in JANUARY has been funded by the leftovers of my Student loan. My family can not afford to help me at all. I am unable to experience Denmark fully which is extremely disappointing and depressing. The lack of funds means I spend most of my free time shut up in my room as I cant even afford to be a \' tourist\'.
Margaret ThatcherBecause I am all about standing up for the individual against the leviathan.
Leopold IolyshOur family\'s decision to send our daughter (UCL student) to study in Italy at Rome\'s University was based on contract signed by University College London students and UCL officials. This contract clearly stated, among other things, that students will receive financial assistance from UCL. As of today November 11, 2014 Erazmus students from UCL received no financial aid in any form from UCL after almost two month living and studying abroad. University College London in breach of the contract and we consider legal procedure if problem is not resolved immediately.
Norma Daneu
Sue PriceMy son\'s girlfriend is in Milan and has no money and UCL know this but have told her it will take four weeks for an emergency payout!! She could be dead from starvation by then. We are all very worried about her.
Hanna Keller- lack of explanation for delays and cuts - inability of Study Abroad Office to respond quickly to students\' queries about delays and cuts
Hayley RussellBecause I\'m going abroad next year and the thought the Erasmus grant (which is so casually promised) might not appear is worrying.
Kora Ruli
Gergely RaccujaBecause UCL doesn\'t explain what\'s going on and doesn\'t hold up obligations which they made the moment they promised students their year abroad grants.
Nick Reed
Lydia Pearse
Lucile Collin
Amarpreet DuhraPromises were made, but then all a sudden we had a delay in payment for unknown reasons.
Benjamin \"Bunny\" Jones My friend has not received his money and he\'s really very upset.
Jose HongBecause I\'m angry at how we\'ve been kept in the dark.
Polina Panfilova
Harrison DentUCL has misinformed students including myself regarding the granting of Erasmus funds. I am currently struggling to cope financially in a foreign country and the reduced amount also means that I will struggle financially in my final year in London. Had I known this when I applied for university in 2012, I would have ensured my university and course choice would not cause these distressing problems.
Carolyn CunninghamBecause universities need to honor their commitments and be held accountable to their mistakes.
Josephine StefaniI am also an ESPS student who is feeling the after effects of the Erasmus grant cuts. I don\'t want anyone else to go through the same experience again.
Andrea Silkoset
Elena WaldenBecause the money means a lot more to us than it does to the UCL management. No real communication at all
Irina Iolysh
Igor VeselukhaMilan is an expensive city
Leo NeuringerBecause I\'m in Spain and need to pay my rent. Like, now.
Neil CuthillFriend not received funds
Elles HouwelingBecause I don\'t think it is fair and appropriate to just cut grants without giving an explanation or without even trying to do something about it.
Jayne Stewart
Vladimir Kardapoltsev Solidarity with foreign students
Adriana Renucci
Oystein Lindholm
Jamie Iriwn
LizI wanted to go on an Erasmus year during my undergraduate degree, but wasn\'t granted sufficient funds. I have seen friends struggling when heading to other European destinations, including Russia. The British Student Finance should also be held accountable for some of these difficulties, as they are quite unwilling to support exchange terms or years, on the grounds of language-learning. Languages, as a discipline in Britain, is alas a dying art, yet paradoxically much-needed to sustain Britain in the present and the future.
James PriceWhy can\'t UCL pay the money to students now and wait for the money from the Erasmus people of the British Council? Surely UCL with its billions can last a while longer than starving students, miserable in a foreign country, with no loo roll or food?
Isabella Hendrie
Cinzia LeonardBecause I feel let down and tricked by a university that should be doing more to help its students. Bristol University have actually paid the difference to ensure its students get what they were promised, why can\'t UCL?
Torben DavidPersonally affected by UCL\'s crude information policy.
Elizabeth ScottA friend of mine is starving in Milan!!
Lewis Barber
Cameron JonesBecause I, and many other Erasmus students, have been hoodwinked, kept in the dark, and left without sorely needed funds by the university which is supposed to inform and support us.
Helen Chandler-WildeBecause I can\'t afford toilet roll.

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