Politikal Kittehs

Just a quick,  fun post for the last weekend of the holidays before we all return to London to continue with our next term of drinking and partying academic study.

Many of you are probably familiar with a website and online phenomenon called ‘Lol Catz’. For those of you who are not I shall explain, the idea of the site is to caption pictures of cats with a title of what you think the cat is doing rather than what it is actually doing. A key part of Lol Catz is that poor spelling and grammar must be used at all times. If you are still baffed by this concept the pictures to follow should aid you in understanding.

I have been a fan of Lol Catz for quite sometime and have noticed that the majority of the images focus on everday feline activities but occasionally there are images that comment on current events. Today I was made aware of a website where  Lord Mandleson, Gordon Brown and the Milliband brothers have been turned into Lol Catz:




If you want to view the full selection of political Lol Catz click here

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