Port and Policy Review

Last night UCL Conservatives were joined by guests from Cambridge University Conservative Association, or CUCA, and were debating ‘THB that burglars leave their human rights at the front door’ and ‘THB that OUCA should not have been disaffliated’ plus the customary and ever popular balloon debate.

Representatives from both UCL and CUCA took part in each of the debates while the rest of the members sat back and took in the debate with a glass of port in hand.  After sterling performances from both sides the house voted in favour of the first motion. The second motion was a tie so it was decided that as we are UCL we should follow the example of our founder Jeremy Bentham, who, legend has it,  attended every meeting that took place at UCL and would vote in favour of any motion that was a tie.

Then it was time for the balloon debate which included the following ‘celebrities'; The Pope, Malcolm Tucker, Cheryl Cole, Tony Blair, Stephen Fry, George Osborne and Peter Mandleson. After three rounds of voting it was the Pope that was saved from being thrown over board to lighten the load.  Once all the port was drunk it was off to the Union for some more drinking and socialising. Special thanks to all those who visited from CUCA we hope that you had as much fun as we did!

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."