Port and Policy Review

This week’s event was one of our most popular- Port and Policy, the idea was simply we all listen to two serious debates and a balloon debate while enjoying some Port and cheese.

The first debate saw Adam Sawyer and Arthur Verdin debating ‘This House Believes that Students should contribute more to their University Education’. This choice of topic was clearly one that everybody in the room felt passionately about and had their own views on. After a heated debate and some excellent floor speeches it was voted that Students should not contribute more to their University Education.

In the second debate Denis Roberts and Asa Bennet took on Iain Martin and I in the debate ‘This House believes that MPs should be paid more’. While this was not something that directly affected those of us in the room it was once again something that created a fiery debate. After some excellent points made by both sides it was decided that MPs should be paid more.

After we had all had a chance to recover from the seriousness of the first two debates it was time for the Balloon debate, in which members of the society pretened to be ‘Chris Martin’, ‘David Cameron’, ‘Barrack Obama’, ‘Prince Harry’, ‘Morgan Tsvangirai’ and ‘Simon Cowell’. Each pleaded their case well for staying in the Balloon but in the end it was ‘Morgan Tsvangirai’ who was saved.

Having debated ourselves out it was time to head of the Union for a few post event drinks. We hope that those of you who attended our event enjoyed it as much as us and we hope to see you at our event next week.

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