Port and Policy

Last Tuesday saw the term’s port and policy event take place in the Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre. The first debate was ‘This house believes that political parties should be solely state funded.’ The winners, somewhat unsurprisingly, were the opposition; Oliver Cooper and Serene Richards. All credit due to Jamal Saleh and Arthur Verdin though as they did put up a good fight and Arthur managed to use the term ‘business hob-nobs’ in his speech – surely a noteworthy achievement!

The second debate of the evening, ‘This house believes that Barack Obama will have a positive effect on both the USA and the wider world’ , also proved to be equally interesting. The winners were in fact the proposers; Ed Johnson and Kieran Weisberg! Though again many thanks to Tom Parkinson and Jonathan Algar for opposing the motion.

The balloon debate, a rather drunken affair, raised some unusual defences for the characters in the balloon. George Osborne was defended with the phrase, “I am the sex,” whilst Kriss Akabusi ended each defence with a cry of, “Awoooooooooga!” Many thanks to all those who participated. Here is a list of the characters, participants and the order in which they went out:

1. Russell Brand – Ben Weiss

2. Rowan Williams – William Hall

2. George Osborne – Olivia Cummins

3. Kriss Akabusi – Adam Sawyer

3. Prince Charles – James Clarke

Winner:  David Dimbleby – Alex Webb

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