Poster and Video Campaigning (1)

In the run up to the General Election it will be all hands on deck to make sure that the public know who their local Conservative Candidate is, their policies and why they should vote for them.  Apart from leaflet dropping and door-to-door canvassing a good way to reach your voters is through video adverts on television and a strong poster campaign.

Take for example the lastest Conservative Campaigns; ‘I’ve never voted Conservative before…’ and ‘We can’t go on like this…’. For this a series of posters and videos have been created like this one telling us about Danielle and why at the next General Election she will be voting Conservative:

In the time running up to the next Election I will be blogging about serious poster and video campaigns  as well as a few that have been tampered with to make them more amusing. The serious ones to see how each party has been campaigning and the funny ones to, hopefully, make you smile during the stressful election and exam period.

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