Pub, pint & PMQ’s

UCL Conservatives are delighted to invite you to our Wednesday social this week on Wednesday 14th March at 11.30am – 1.30pm. As one of our most popular socials, it’s a great break from all those lectures and seminars you’ve had, as well as those last minute essays.
Come along and join us for a great lunchtime social, while watching the highlight of the Parliamentary week on the big screen, with a pint in your hand and great food. Don’t forget to bring cash and ID please just in case.

We’ll be there from around 11:30, upstairs in The Orangery Room, on the first floor.

You can come and go as you please, just head towards Warren Street Station, and at the McDonalds turn down and it’ll be there.

Find out more about location and menus from this great Pub here:

For more information on the event —>



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