Reading Week campaining for Jo Johnson, PPC For Orpington, Kent

Dear Members,

Firstly, thanks to all who came to our Port and Policy event last night, and to CUCA for coming along! I think all will agree it was a rip roaring evening of debate and frivolities.

Secondly, I am forwarding this message on to you, as our help is needed!

‘Jo Johnson, PPC for Orpington will be running a telephone canvassing session next month in Covent Garden. It will run from the week of 15th Feb until 18th Feb, 6:00pm – 9:00pm.

We are currently running low on volunteers which is why we need the help of UCL Conservatives, so I hoping you could help out?

Let’s help Jo win in Orpington.’


So if anyone has some spare time during the reading week coming up, please do contact the following email address .

For more info see



ps. All who have received their hoodies/rugby tops, please pass the money on to Iain or I ASAP!

Rugby tops:women’s-£20, Men’s-£21, Hoodies:£14

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