Yesterday the PM reshuffled his ministerial team in the most wide-ranging changes since 2010. Firstly, congratulations must go to UCL alumnus David Jones on his promotion to Secretary of State for Wales. In other changes, David Mitchell, who visited the Society earlier this year, becomes Chief Whip, in a move that could please, or antagonise, backbenchers frustrated by coalition. Finally, Jeremy Hunt has moved to Health to help communicate the Governments’ NHS changes, Chris Grayling has replaced Ken Clarke at Justice and Owen Paterson, a known opponent of the fox hunting ban, has become Secretary of State for DEFRA. Grant Shapps has become Party Chairman to reinvigorate the Party grassroots.

All in all, this seems to be sign from Cameron that more conservative reforms will be pursued across government, something that will please Tory backbenchers. In terms of policy, the reshuffle may have paved the way for a u-turn on a third runway at Heathrow, as Justine Greening was removed from the Department for Transport having strongly opposed the airports’ expansion; a move sure to anger Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith. The most interesting thing to find out will be the Lib Dem reaction to this perceived shift to the right. Only time will tell…

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