Shane Greer at UCL

Shane GreerTomorrow will be our last event before we all have a week off Reading Week and is one that has been rescheduled from earlier in the term, it is our reception with Shane Greer.

Shane is a leading political commentator and blogger (blogging at, Executive Editor of political lifestyle magazine ‘Total Politics’ (which conducted the political bloging survey), and previously Executive Director of the Young Britons’ Foundation.

The event will take place tomorrow (November 3rd) at 7:30pm in Engineering Front Building – Executive Suite (Opposite Waterstones on Torrington Place). As the event is in the Engineering building you will most likely need your ID cards in order to get in so don’t forget them. Non-UCL students can be signed in by the committee members. The dress code for tomorrow is as usual is Smart/Casual. See you there!

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