Tax Cuts Due?

Gordon Brown

The Daily Express has today reported that Gordon Brown is planning ¬£15 billion pounds worth of tax cuts to put money back in to the pockets of low and middle income families. Now, I’m not one to normally have a go at cutting tax in these areas but there are surely a couple of questions to be asked. Is he going to make reductions in spending to cover these holes? Considering Gordon Brown’s record, I would assume not. Though of course he could now start stealing Lib Dem policy with regards to economising in¬†Whitehall in order to cover any shortfall.

Secondly, how much of an effect will this have? The idea is clear; give more people money and they will spend more, stimulating the service industry in flagging times. Alternatively, we could just see people saving this money because of the uncertain economic future. Whilst, on an individual level that isn’t a bad idea, it certainly defeats the intended purpose of the tax cut itself.

Moreover, isn’t this the same Gordon Brown who has perpetually harangued the Conservative Party over its desire for tax cuts in the current climate? I can’t help but feel that Gordon needs to cover his U-Turns a lot better. I wonder if Tony would have had the same problems…

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