The Experiment (part 2)

Previously it has been established that some Tories can Bowl and after all the fun that we had trying to find this out  it was decided that we should try karaoke in an attempt to find out ‘Can Tories Sing?’ The write up of said experiment follows.

The Experiment 2 – ‘Can Tories sing?’

Aim: The Aim of this experiment, as previously stated, is to find out whether or not Tories can sing.

Equipment: One karaoke set, two microphones, a choice of 5000 songs and a group of willing volenteers. Oh and a few pints of beer to help lubricate our voice boxes.

Method: Rather than breaking off into teams or pairs to sing songs, it was more of a free-for-all; any member could join in with any song. The Songs were chosen at random by those present resulting a very wide range of songs being chosen. Songs chosen ranged from a few classics like ‘ABBA- Lay all your love on me’ and ‘Build me up buttercup’ to some classic school disco songs like ‘Aqua – Barbie Girl’ and  ‘Britney Spears – Hit me baby one more time’ and for some reason ‘The Village People – YMCA’  made an appearance.

Results: As there wasn’t any formal judge watching our performance it is hard to say which members can actually sing and which ones perhaps should have been miming. (Especially after a group of people sat eating near our room left fairly swiftly after finishing eating and another group came and peered in through the windows of our not so soundproof room to try and find out what exactly we were doing.) However the experiment did show that even if we are not particularly good at something we are always willing to give it a go.

Conclusions: It would be safe to say that, as with the bowling, some Tories can sing and others should stick to singing in the shower rather than in public. It is also safe to say that some members of the society have very strange tastes in music and perhaps should update their Ipods slightly.

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