The Experiment

It is already established that Tories can debate, can drink and can, in some cases, dance. However it was decided that we would carry out a little experiment to see if there are other activities which Tories can do. This time we endeavoured to find out ‘can Tories bowl?’ The write up and results of our experiment are below.

‘The experimen – Can Tories bowl?

Aim – The aims of this experiment, as previously stated, are to try and find out whether Tories can bowl and to further find out if one sex is better at bowling than the other.

Fair test – In order to make it a fair test each team has an hour in their lane, the barriers are down and each team chooses from the same selection of bowling balls. It is up to personal preference as to the choice of weight, colour and hole size of the ball.

Equipment- 15 willing volenteers (mix of boys and girls), a bowling alley, bowling balls of various weights and 1 bowling ramp.

Method – First we divided off in to three teams of five Team 1 – Asa, myself, Speakman, Brian and Jon C, Team 2 – Kieran, Nevan, Iain, Mandy and Arthur, Team 3 – Sandra, Matthew, Anna, Marta and Jon W. Then the bowling commenced. There awere  mix of skills and techniques used; Some carefully trying to line up the ball then trying to use the right amoung speed and spin, others just throwing the ball and hoping for the best. Both techniques had varying varieties of success. During the hour there were quite a few gutter balls, some half strikes, a handful of strikes and only one ‘turkey’ (three strikes in a row). During the hour one full game and half of a second game was managed.

Results- The results from the first full game are as follows;

Team 1 – Asa 45, Myself 128, Speakman 67, Brian 77 and Jon C 50.
Team 2 – Kieran 80, Nevan 77, Iain 67, Mandy 113 and Arthur 85.
Team 3 – Sandra 50, Matthew 72, Anna 54, Marta 83 and Jon W 85.

Making me the winner of team 1, Mandy the winner of team 2 and Jon W the winner of team 3.

Conclusions – it would seem that yes Tories can bowl but interestingly it seems that overall it is the Tory women who are better at bowling than the Tory men. It would also seem that the technique of throwing it and hoping for the best seemed to be accepted as the best way to bowl.’

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