The Ongoing Baby P Saga…

Is it just me or are people getting tired of the ongoing public outrage surrounding the abuse of young Baby P? It was undoubtedly one of the most horrific cases of child abuse that has occurred in recent years but people are up in arms without actually suggesting ways to prevent this sort of event happening again. The clash in parliament between David Cameron and Gordon Brown summed it up. Cameron attacked Brown over this incident because little else that would capture public attention and Brown replied with his usual offhand manner. Backbenchers heckled and the usual exchanges across the front-benches could also be seen. It was truly pathetic.

There was a catalogue of errors in the case of Baby P but I would actually like to hear some useful measures that we could take to prevent this happening again. Moreover, how would be possibly stop these kind of incidents without actually intruding in people’s everyday lives. For every case like Baby P there are other cases when babies have been incorrectly taken into care.

Rather than squabbling simply over who is at fault and talking about the awfulness of the situation, we should be looking to find a real solution both to prevent cases such as Baby P as well as other inadequacies in the social care system. I would be surprised if the government’s investigation comes out with anything useful. In the past 11 years not one of the government/government commissioned independent investigations has come out with anything productive. Where on earth do we go from here?

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