Turn of the year

Although University life may seem a long way away from beaches, cottages or wherever you might be hollidaying I think it is important for us to look back on the last year of UCLU Conservatives and thank those who have made it happen. It has been an outstanding year  with the Society winning prizes from the Union, adventuring to Brussels, hearing more speakers than ever before and keeping its fantastic social life.

I must of course start by thanking our outgoing President Kieran Weisberg. He has worked tirelessly and abley to make sure that our Tuesday night events were a success. I don’t think any other UCLU society has had such a dedicated and able President and we all owe him our huge thanks.

This year also sees the graduation of Iain Martin to pastures new. Iain has been an active member of the society since his first year and has been consistently fair-minded and welcoming. Iain with Emma and Brain organised one of the crowning events of the year with our trip to Brussels and everyone who went had a fantastic time. Emma Double has also worked tirelessly for the society and the incoming committee are extremely grateful for her warmth and work. We wish her every bit of luck in her final year of study.

Asa Bennett has been a key-stone in the Society. In his role as General Secretary Asa kept the Society running and informed with astonishing skill. Laura Rose-Saunders has also been an outstanding member of the committee updating the website and blogging with remarkable creativity – her crowning achievement being the Society’s results in blog leagues. Emily Cheah has kept us all happy (and refreshed!) with her organisation of great social events and I personally look forward to working with her next year in her capacity as Vice-President

No mention of the society and the Committee is complete without Brian Middleton. His humour and organisational skills made the Brussells trip such a success and we have every hope that he will find time in his final few months of PhD study to join us for a gin or a port. Likewise, I hope that Jon Canty will next year continue to beat everyone who tries at policy debates and contribute to discussion with his alarmingly detailed knowledge.

As the new Committee begins its work it is incredibly important that we say thank you to those who made last year such a resounding success. So thank you to Brain, Jon, Asa, Emma, Laura, Emily, Iain and especially to Kieran!

William Hall

President (10/11)

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