UCLU Conservative Society hoodies and rugby shirts soon available to order!

Hello All,

Just a quick note to say that UCL Conservative hoodies and rugby shirts will be available to order shortly. The design will be in white, with the Conservative Party’s green and blue ‘tree’ logo on the right hand side of the hoodie, with ‘UCLU’ and the society’s name surrounding it. The back of the hoodie can have blue writing emblazoned across it, if requested (ie. name/committee position for committee members, etc). I shall post an image shortly once I have received the mockup version from the company, Image Scotland, which is a reputable university clothing company that UCL societies have a longstanding relationship with.

As a rough estimate, the hoodies will be around £14 (including writing on the back), women’s rugby shirts around £19.61, and men’s £20.50. This may change slightly as the UCL logo has had to be specially commissoned, as we have not had society hoodies before. In comparison to the venerable yet slighty outdated/gender specific tie, I personally think this is a step into the future for the Conservative society, and therefore would encourage you all hastily to order one once I get the order form up and running. Hopefully this will be in a week or so’s time, so do come to me with requests at the meetings on Tuesdays.

…speaking of which (!)….

Our third event of the term is approaching fast! Eric Pickles, Conservative Party Chairman and MP for Brentwood and Ongar is coming to talk tomorrow- Tuesday 27th, 7.3opm, in the updated location of the GAVIN DE BEERS LECTURE THEATRE (Anatomy Building, accessible from Gower St). It’s set to be a great talk, so do come along and support us. And to those to whom this has particular importance, of course more drinks shall be available!

Hope to see you tomorrow!


Vice President 2009/10

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