Unions: Cameron will cause “riots”

In the run up to the start of today’s Trades Union Conference, the union officials have been making headlines with Gordon Brown having to host a “beer and sandwiches” summit to appease the discontent leaders, one of whom, Derek Simpson, had slammed New Labour for being as bereft of life as the dead parrot from Monty Python.

After their meeting, the union officials appeared to support Gordon Brown – although Simpson provided very hollow praise that:

I am as satisfied with Gordon as I can be with any of them.

With the unions appeased, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber startlingly claimed yesterday that David Cameron’s intention to cut public spending would cause “riots in the streets“, in a revival of the civil unrest that broke out in the 1980’s.

Leaving aside Barber’s fear-mongering about the Conservatives in his capacity as the supposedly un-partisan head of the TUC, Barber seems to be rewriting history for political “ammunition” as those riots are considered to be “race riots“, aggravated by the police’s use of “stop and search” rather than any different economic approach.

It is a shame that Barber has to desperately try to slight the Conservatives, as he ignores the fact that the Conservatives’ economic policy chimes with popular opinion (60% of the public favour spending cuts over tax rises to solve the budget deficit), and instead follows Gordon Brown’s discredited “Tory cuts/Labour investment” mantra.

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