Up Coming Events-Port and Policy

PortOn behalf of the rest of the Committee I would like to invite you to our second event of the term, happening this Tuesday 20th October at 7:30 in the Haldane Room, – Port and Policy!

For those of you who read the events programme and are now slightly confused by a difference to the listing, do not be! Originally we had planned to have our first speaker of the term, Shane Greer, but due to unforseen circumstances he has had to cancel so we have rearranged the schedule and instead we will be drinking port while having a couple of lively debates.

The format of the evening will be thus; We start with two debates, usually about controversial headline policies, with two members speaking ‘for’ and two members speaking ‘against’ the motion. We then hold a ‘Balloon Debate’ where the audience is invited to imagine that the 6 volunteer debaters are in fact politicians/celebrities who are in a sinking hot air balloon. The debaters must be thrown one by one from the balloon to save the remaining occupants. During each round the debater is given 2 minutes to convince the audience that he/she should remain in the balloon.

This event is always one of the most ammusing events that we hold and is fun regardless of whether you are up front debating or simply sitting in the audience taking it all in with a slight sense of wonder and bemusement sipping on a nice glass of port.

In the interest of free speech, these comments are unmoderated. Please do, however, bear in mind the words of Lady Margaret Thatcher: "If they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left."